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Well both, because they charge for the hire and also by the distance just like in a taxi cab but instead of transporting people they transport goods, no they don’t move a bunch of taxis around they move pallets and packaged materials. It is a courier service, either interstate or from one side of the city to another. It can be a depot to depot service or from your doorstop to a doorstop at the other end, this is a more expensive service that the depot drop. 

There are several different levels of service that you can resort to and they all give you different measures of car locksmith Gold Coast when it comes to the transportation of your goods, in some instances it will just be that the driver is aware of when the product needs to be delivered and where and will notify you if there are any problems, the next level enables the driver to see that your product needs to be delivered first and there is a timer and monitoring device on your package and the third option allows for you to monitor the transportation of the goods and you can see where it is and how the travel is going. If you are that paranoid about it then you should have moved the bloody stuff yourself and not bothered some poor bloke who know feels like you are monitoring everything he does and is afraid to sneeze in case an alarm goes off and gets him fired.

The drivers also have to be aware of what it is that they can carry and have the right to refuse transporting whatever it is you want moved, when going through the list of firms, take a look at the goods list and what they can transport and what they can’t and if you are unable to find alien aircraft mentioned anywhere then give them a ring and see what they say, maybe that is one of the regular inventories, at least one alien aircraft a week sometimes more, they won’t carry the alien body for you though, I’m afraid you are going to have to transport that in the boot of your car like any other normal person and provide new or spare keys.

There is no way to find out the cost of travel until you provide the item you are moving, how heavy it is, the dimensions of said item and when it has to be picked up and where and where it is being delivered to and in what time frame, only then will you get a price to work with, then you have to go through the same process with all the other firms until you get a price you can live with. Most of these quotes will be online so when making the booking make sure you mention he quote you were given and double check the price and the level of service you are obtaining.