Many start -up companies embark on several office relocation prior to finding the perfect and affordable location that can accommodate their ever growing staff. However, as a start-up company one may not be aware of the proper procedures that one should follow prior to a big move as this. Therefore, in order to provide some assistance the following article will proceed to discuss some tips and tricks that one should keep in mind prior to the big relocation.

Prep the Old Office

Once all the big furniture items have been packed up one should opt to hire an office cleaning services Port Melbourne company to clean the premise as this may be one of the clauses in your rental contract. Therefore, to avoid a potential breach ensure that premise is cleaned and that any permanent damage that has been caused to the premise has also been fixed.

Prep the New Office

Many individuals may be too preoccupied with packing up their belongings to pay attention to the state of the new office. While, some individuals would prefer to begin the cleaning up process once they have officially moved in to the new office it is recommended to begin the process prior to the relocations. Furthermore, while it is possible for one to spend a weekend cleaning up the new office in order to prepare it for you and your employees arrival it is unlikely that one would have time to embark on such a quest therefore it is recommended to hire reliable commercial cleaners.

Prep the Employees

Ensure that all the employees are aware of the duties that they have been assigned to with regard to the relocation if any such duties have been assigned. Furthermore, one should also make sure that each of the employees have packed up their personal belongings and that they have created backups of their computer in case of any mishap. Moreover, the employees should also be placed in charge of their own laptop if they own one which means that they would be responsible for its safe transportation to the new location. Additionally the employees should also be informed that they would be held responsible for packing up any of the documents that are found on their desk and a clear inventory should be made prior to packing these items in order to ensure that all of them would be accounted for after the move.No matter how overwhelming moving to a new office premise may seem like one should make sure that they have a checklist and that all the tasks on this list have been crossed off or followed in order to ensure smooth sailing on the day of the relocation.

How To Prepare For A Start-Up Office Relocation